Sunday, 14 September 2014

Trifle Tastic!

If you're looking for an easy but delicious dessert try these homemade individiual trifle treats. Easy to make and approximately 12 of these glasses can be made for less than £4.50!


Strawberry jelly crystals 85g (For halal jelly try Ahmed Jelly Crystals 85g/2.99oz)
All butter Madeira Cake (1 packet)
Custard (400g)
Squirty Cream
Crystal sprinkles (optional) 

NB: The quantity of the ingredients is more based on preference rather than an exact amount.


1. Follow the instructions on creating the jelly mixture 
2. Divide the liquid jelly mixture equally among each glass/bowl
3. Leave in fridge to set
4. Gently crumble the Madeira cake 
5. After the jelly has set, take out of the fridge and layer the crumbled cake on top of the jelly. Once the preferred amount of cake is placed inside the glasses, slightly press down to create a flat cake surface. 
6. Pour the preferred amount of custard on top of the cake layer.
7. Leave in fridge until ready to serve.
8. When ready to serve, squirt the cream on top of the custard layer and sprinkle the crystals. 

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