Saturday, 8 November 2014

Lipstick in the eyes of the pouter

Ok so lately I've been obsessed with makeup so much so that it’s making my purse hollow! What I thought I’d do to make my obsession go one step further is to write a review on some of my fave products of this month.

In first place - I’m completely in love with Rimmel Kate lipsticks. These can be found in Superdrugs or Boots stores and cost around £3.99 to £5.49 depending on which type you get. In the last two weeks I've probably bought around 5 different colours and I've actually seen a new shade that I HAVE to have (Shade 31). But of the ones I currently have, I’m actually on my second case (with third on standby) of shade 19.

I’m now going to attempt to describe the colour- it’s a slight pink with some nude undertones..slightly rosy-berry but more towards the berry side. Now you see why I said attempt :P. It’s very creamy and thick with amazing pigmentation. I used to hate nude colours but this lipstick has become my every day wear.

Moving on to the second product: my very first gel eyeliner. I was told these were hard to apply and I’d get bored of using them after a while but not found either of these statements to be true! I can see myself stocking up on these too. The one I have is the Maybelline eyestudio lasting drama gel eyeliner. It’s so thick and creamy and works wonders in just one application. It glides on very smoothly and sets immediately. I've found it to last until I take it off which is perfect as don’t need to carry it round with me. The applicator brush it comes with is the perfect length for application. The bristles are not too soft to flop and not to stiff either. It’s perfect from creating thin as well as thick lines.

I'm obsessed with both these products and without them my makeup just doesn't feel right. 
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